How it works

Our RoboAgency has solved a problem that has been troubling many business owners for years.
Finally there is an easy and effective way to advertise on Social Media.

The Problem

Digital ad agencies are too expensive for most small businesses.

DIY and Dashboards can be too complicated for people with little to no advertising experience.

There are 65 million small businesses on Facebook, and only 5 million advertise on the platform. There’s an obvious gap in the market that needs to be filled.


The Solution

The Internet’s First RoboAgency

A RoboAgency never sleeps, never goes on lunch or takes vacations, it is always available to start new campaigns at any time of the day, working constantly. No other agency offers real time, automated optimization. Needls. has set a new bar for the advertising industry.



Answer just a few questions about your business and needls. will create hundreds of ads for you!


By monitoring social media ads in real time, needls. is able to continuously optimize the ads to target new business. Cross platform optimization allows needls. to assess when client ads are most effective.


Needls. uses data science and programmatic buying techniques to ensure your ads are as effective as possible.