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  • Of course! In between seasons or monthly budgets, this feature will nurture your new customers, community and leads.

  • No problem! Simply go to your facebook and click the 'Delete Post" button. It will be removed instantly.

  • When activating the needls.ENGAGE feature, you'll be prompted to enter five keywords that you'd like your posts to contain. This allows us to scan the internet for relevant articles. In the event that a post does not meet your needs, you can simply delete the post on Facebook from your Facebook Page.

    Please keep in mind that since we're using the keywords you enter to scan the internet for articles that contain those exact keywords, to choose keywords that reflect what your audience would be interested in. 

    As an example, if you're in Garage Repair, entering keywords that focus on house and home care and maintenance would likely present better content than pulling content that contains the word Garage Door or Garage Maintenance. 

  • Currently, there is a limit of five keywords and one location. That said, if we are unable to find high-quality content for the location provided, we supplement this with additional content from nearby areas.

  • Needls.ENGAGE allows you to choose one business page for us to publish content.

    At any time, you can change what business page you wish to have the content to be posted to, as well as edit or update the keywords and locations.

  • We curate content from over 4,500 news sources. These include local and national news outlets. Our goal is to not only find fresh news but news that your audience will find interesting and want to engage with.

  • The time of day varies as we analyze when you are getting the best engagement and continue to post during that window of time. For most, we see the highest engagement occurring in the evening hours.

  • Needls will post one article for each of the days of the week you select. For example, if you select Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, there will be a total of 3 posts made per week. No matter how many days you choose, we will always deliver fresh engaging content.

  • All past posts are listed on the right-hand side of the needls.ENGAGE page. The needls.ENGAGE page can be accessed from your right-hand menu by clicking the "ENGAGE" tab. 


  • Needls uses data science to analyze articles from over 4,500 sources to find the most relevant, fresh, and engaging content for your business. The analysis includes reviewing the number of shares and comments on Facebook as well as Linkedin and Google+.

    We also look at the age of the article and the credibility of the news source, amongst other metrics to determine the ideal post. Once our system curates the best content, one of our highly skilled in-house content specialists reviews and then decide which article to post and write a catchy caption!

  • needls.ENGAGE curates trending content that's relevant to your business.

    We share this content on your Facebook Business Page, which can improve engagement and also lead to new customers and followers! An active Facebook Business Page adds credibility to your business and shows prospective customers that you are on top of the latest news and trends in your industry. But, in addition to adding credibility, this aids in needls' efforts to drive incredibly targeted and high converting traffic to your business. A by-product of this vital service is furthering organic reach, sales and the ability to nurture your existing following. As they say, "It's cheaper to retain a customer than it is to acquire a new one."

The Needls Glossary

  • A page like is when someone "likes" your Facebook business page and, in turn, starts following your business on Facebook. the number of people who "liked" your page. Page likes are the number of people who have liked your page. 

  • Post shares are the number of people that share your posts/ad to their network. 

  • The "Post Likes" metric is the number of people that have "liked" your post/ad. 

  • People taking action is the number of unique people interacting with your ad. This interaction could be any clicks such as a share, comment, like to your ad or Facebook page, or click through to your website. If you are running a video ad, People Taking Action would also include the number of people viewing your ad.

    As an example, if someone has clicked on your ad for the first time, they would be considered "People Taking Action". If that same person were to see your ad the next day and click again, they would not be counted towards your "People Taking Action" for their second click. 

  • The metric "Total Clicks" is the number of people who have engaged with your ad. This could be a like, comment, share, like to your Facebook page through the ad, or click through to your website – basically, whenever someone clicks on your ad.

  • Cost per mille (CPM) is the dollar amount for 1,000 ad impressions (when someone sees or is served your ad).

  • Click through rate (CTR) is the ratio of how many people that see your ad actually click on it. It is found by the number of clicks your ad received divided by the number of times it’s shown expressed as a percentage.

    For example, if you had five clicks and 1000 impressions then your CTR would be 0.5%.

  • When creating your ads, in addition to making sure the copy makes sense and is informative and you’ve selected appropriate images you need to have a call to action (CTA)

    A CTA provokes an immediate response from the people that view your ads. It can be as simple as saying “visit our site”, “call now”, “come in today”.

    CTAs can vary in intensity. Something like “find out more” isn’t as direct as “order now”, so you need to figure out which works best for your ad.

    Creating urgency with your CTAs is important, you don’t want people to see it and decide they’ll think about it or go to your site later. People should want to click for fear of missing out. #FOMO

    Try testing different CTAs to see which work best for you. Sample them using a “call us” method as well as an “email us” one.

  • Cost per Click (CPC) is the dollar amount each click on your ad costs you. This number is generated by Facebook but by precision targeting and multiple tests, we can get your CPC as low as possible. 

  • Once you’ve proven that a certain type of consumer likes to use your product or service, why not find more of these people to bring in even more customers by using lookalike audiences?

    We analyze very specific data from your customers such as their interests on Facebook or their hobbies. By using this information you can find people with similar likes and interests in hopes that they are also your ideal customer.

    Using lookalike audiences gives you a higher chance of conversion which is why they are popular. You can create lookalike audiences based off of the demographics of your custom audience. 

    Most of the time the demographics that are used to create lookalike audiences include gender, age, location and interests. Interests can include anything from favourite tv shows, movies, music, brand affinities, and even relationship status, children and much more.

General Questions

  • Yes – we're a completely automated system, right down to the billing! 

  • No, you don't have to sign a contract when you signup with needls. You're free to cancel at any time but ask that you inform us of your concerns prior to cancelling so we can work with you to address them. 

  • We're happy to accommodate agencies that manage multiple clients. We can do this one of two ways:

    The first is part of an agency plan that will help you to have several accounts ongoing for a lower price. The second is to manage them all under one account and create a different campaign for each client. Please contact us for more information. 

  • Our platform is commitment-free and month to month! We don't believe in contracts or commitments, so there is no trial period necessary. 

  • Our fee is $100/month for access to our RoboAgency and for this, you will be billed monthly. Depending on your weekly advertising budget, you will be billed either monthly or weekly (to select either option, please do so at checkout). 

  • In addition to creating and targeting highly effective ads for you, we automatically optimize your ads 24/7. So, unless you don't plan on eating or sleeping, it simply wouldn't be possible for you to dedicate that amount of time! That said, typically, to run a successful campaign on Facebook directly, you'd need to dedicate a minimum of 30-40 hours a week to monitor, test and optimize your ads.

    In the first two weeks, we use our innovative targeting and optimization system to establish baseline results. Over the next 30 days, we work on deep optimization, employing hundreds of different optimization methods (A/B testing, cross-platform trials, day parting, up/down bidding etc.) to determine which ads are performing the best on which networks and at what time of the day. This is how we work to increase your ROI.

    Knowing this, we always encourage our customers to set a budget that makes sense for you while we go through the process. You'll see an increase in qualified traffic instantly, but we hone in on them and really start to shine as we continue to test and optimize the cost of clicks and increase your new customer count. 


  • We'd really appreciate it if you could send an email to regarding cancellations. Thank you!

  • Our User Success team will gladly answer your questions and assist you. To reach them, you can send an email to or schedule a time to speak with them here: You can also chat with us on our website once logged in to your account.

  • There are many services that offer awesome dashboards to manage advertising campaigns, but ALL of them are made for experienced marketers and are used to automate pre-existing knowledge.

    Needls, on the other hand, can be used by anyone at any skill level and virtually any budget. Our automated RoboAgency is extremely user-friendly, and by using data science and machine learning, needls offers results that dashboards can’t. In addition, dashboards are a place to house multiple self-made campaigns, so the people using them need to know how to create, setup and add networks themselves. If someone knows how to test, set rules and optimize dashboards then a typical one may work but needls simplifies all of these steps by using automation. Business owners can focus on what they do best and let our RoboAgency take care of their digital marketing.

  • Needls currently runs ads on both Facebook and Instagram.

  • Setting up your first campaign is absolutely free! When you're ready to go live, the monthly fee for our platform is $100/month. From there, you set your weekly advertising budget to whatever you're comfortable with. That said, the minimum budget required is $80/week to run your ads on Facebook OR Instagram and $125/week to run them on both networks. 

  • Literally minutes. Just answer 6 simple questions about your business and once that's complete – that's it! Our platform has what it needs to create, target and optimize your advertising campaign of Facebook and Instagram. No joke, it literally just takes minutes!

  • Needls simplifies the entire Facebook and Instagram advertising process. In four simple steps, you create a campaign on our platform. Once launched, we'll create your ads for you on Facebook and do all the heavy lifting (all the things you need to do to run a successful campaign on the FB ad platform directly, like testing, targeting and optimizing) so you don't have to. Thanks to data science and machine learning, once you create a campaign, that's all you need to do!


  • Anyone can use needls to promote their product or service, but the platform is especially popular among entrepreneurs and small business owners who just cannot afford or don’t want to pay for a traditional advertising agency. A RoboAgency never sleeps or takes breaks, it’s available 24/7 - something a regular advertising agency cannot do. Needls is industry, location and language agnostic, so – simply put – we work for everyone!

  • Needls was founded in 2014 by co-founders and longtime friends Justin Hartzman, Jeremy Koven and Michael Koral. The three have known each other since going to camp together as kids and stayed friends throughout university. They have created and sold multiple businesses together, and are working overtime to make needls their biggest success yet.

  • As a RoboAgency, we do everything a traditional digital agency would do – and more – all on autopilot. Using data science and machine learning, coupled with over a hundred optimization methods that are constantly being reviewed, needls offers its clients real-time, automated optimization (something a normal agency can’t do). A RoboAgency never sleeps, never goes on lunch or takes vacations, it is always available to start new campaigns at any time of the day, working constantly. No other agency offers real-time, automated optimization. Needls has set a new bar for the advertising industry.  

  • Needls, the internet's first RoboAgency, is the easiest and most effective way to advertise online. The needls advertising platform allows businesses to automatically create, target and optimize digital ads across Facebook and Instagram.

    Through machine learning, needls determines the perfect target audience for your ads by monitoring social media conversations in real time. Using its proprietary intent engine, we identify buying signals within posts, tweets and status updates. Needls then delivers advertisements directly to these individuals. As soon as they post they explicitly or implicitly suggest they have a need for a product or service. While great at finding explicit leads from monitoring posts, needls specializes in finding implicit leads. The engine can find statuses that don’t include typical keywords that would normally lead to a purchase intent.  

    An example of an explicit lead is if someone in NYC tweets, “I’m looking to renovate my kitchen, any good recos for a general contractor?” Needls knows this person is looking for a contractor and any client of needls that is a contractor in the NYC area will have their ad displayed to that user on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

    An implicit lead is when the person’s post isn’t directly asking for something. For example, “Pipes burst overnight, great way to start my day,” is an implicit lead. Although they didn’t ask for it directly they are obviously in need of a plumber and any client of needls that is a plumber in that area will have their ad displayed.


  • You certainly can! Please keep in mind that the needls optimization system was built to perform better over time, and thus your Facebook ads may initially look like they are performing better. If testing our platform against the Facebook Advertising platform directly, we recommend a testing duration of six to eight weeks. 

Campaign Setup

  • Your Facebook page must be published, viewable by the public and you must be an admin in order to approve our request to advertise on your behalf. To ensure that your page is public go to your Page on Facebook and:

    1. Click Settings at the Top Right Corner of your Page.

    2 .Click General in the Left Column 

    3. Ensure your page is public and there are no country or age restrictions set on your page.



  • We are a Canadian-based company and occasionally American banks have additional security measures to ensure international transactions are not fraudulent. In order to confirm your purchase, simply call your bank to remove the hold on the transaction and the payment should go through shortly afterwards. 

  • There are many reasons as to why campaigns are not live or paused. The most common reasons are:

    - The campaign could still be under review or not approved by Facebook

    - There may be a billing issue

    - You have not connected your Social Accounts properly

    In any case, please notify us at and we will get back to you ASAP with an update on your ad campaign.

  • We highly recommend that you use keywords that your clients/customers use when they are interested in your business or pertain to your business. We already have an entire database of keywords associated with your industry, however, it never hurts to add custom ones - especially if you are in a niche business. 

    Keep in mind, our system will take your five keywords and turn them into hundreds of synonyms, so no need to enter more than ten. 



    Wedding Photographer Keywords

    Weddings, Engagements, Special Occasions, Photography, wedding photographer, wedding videos, etc.

  • Once you've selected the page that you'd like to advertise with, you will need to visit your Facebook page to authorize the request. You will need to click on the globe icon and look for a request from "Needls Media Inc" or "Social Advertising Co." 

    If you don't see the request notification, click  arrow beside the Question mark on the upper right-hand corner of your Facebook page and select the page you connected. From there, click "Settings" from your business page menu, then "Page Roles" on the left-hand menu bar. The request will be found on this page. 

  • This most likely means that you have pop-ups disabled on your browser. You will need to enable them on your browser to complete the connection. 

    You will notice a small "X" on the far right of your address bar. When clicked, it will prompt you to allow popups from needls. Once allowed, click on "Connect to Facebook" again and follow the process. 

  • Once a campaign has been submitted and Social Accounts have been connected, we'll create an ad account for you on the Facebook advertising platform and submit your ads for review. Typically, it takes up to 48 hours for Facebook to review and approve a campaign. Once its approved, your ads will be live!

  • We currently bill in USD for both the monthly platform fee and weekly advertising spend.

Campaign Performance

  • Yes, we are able to do almost any specific manual targeting. Simply click the "Optimization" tab on the left-hand menu of your user dashboard. From there, select "Targeting" on the upper right-hand corner of the Optimization page.

    By clicking "Nerd Mode," the page will expand, offering additional targeting options, such as interest targeting, custom audiences and more. If you have a specific list of people you'd like to advertise to, simply upload a custom audience list. If you have specific interest-based targeting parameters that you would also like to implement, you can do so right through the targeting tool. 

  • You will almost instantly start seeing clicks and views from your needls campaign.

    In terms of conversions, like all things with advertising, it takes time and a little elbow grease on your end to see best results. Typically most clients end up seeing a more steady stream of conversions during the 4-6 week period. 

  • Typically we suggest that you run a campaign for a minimum of six to eight weeks.

    Advertising isn't a magic bullet and it takes time to get results. We need to gather baseline results, run numerous tests and continually optimize until we find your perfect targeting cocktail.

    We start off by doing baseline optimization that looks at target demographics, A/B testing and many other stats. As each week goes by the needls system continues to monitor the performance of your campaign to see what is working and what isn't, and then continuously makes modifications.

    Keep in mind, the longer you run a campaign the better results you will have. 

  • The needls system does the optimization for you. However, if you would like to add manual targeting, you can do so by selecting the "Optimization" tab on the left-hand menu of your dashboard. Once there, select "Targeting" in the upper right-hand corner. 

    Please note, implementing manual targeting overrides our system and can alter your campaign results. 

  • Every tracking or analytics software has their own tracking methodology, which will inevitably lead to discrepancies. As an example, Facebook Ads report clicks, whereas many third-party reporting tools report visits, page views, or sessions which may not correspond directly to Facebook's click tracking.

    Some tracking tools require that the user's browser has cookies, javascript and/or images enabled to record stats, which can lead to undercounting compared to Facebook. 

    In other cases, stats may be based on different time zones. 

    As a result, the most accurate stats will also be those that we report which come via Facebook and Instagram. There are many measures in place to reduce invalid clicks and even filter out specific clicks and impressions. These filters can lead to third-party tracking tools over counting compared to the Social Networks. Repetitive or incomplete clicks are also invalidated and not scored by the Social Networks, which can also lead to a discrepancy in counts between sources.

     You can read more about this by clicking the following link:

  • Your Dashboard shows you the amount of views, clicks and cost per click of your ads within your campaign. You will also see your top performing ads and overall demographics of your campaign.

    For more details, click on the “Campaigns” tab on the left of the screen. You will be able to view in-depth stats and download reports.


Advertising Guidelines

  • Facebook occasionally has issues with certain campaigns due to subject matter or images. Campaigns centred around weight loss, get-rich-quick and work from home are just a few of the types of campaigns Facebook has issues with. To learn more about this click here

Campaign Statistics

  • For a new campaign, it takes 24-48 hours for your first set of stats to drop. After that, your stats will update every two to four hours. 

  • For new campaigns, it can take 24 hours for your first set of stats to drop. That said, stats are updated every few hours, so please feel free to check back.

Campaign Editing

  • You certainly can! You can edit your budget right from your dashboard. Just click the three dots next to your campaign, select "Edit Budget" then click the pencil icon. From there adjust the sliding tool to your new budget and click 'Proceed.'

  • We are more than happy to suggest any changes that may help take your campaign to the next level. That said, without your express permission, we will not alter your campaign copy or images. 

  • Ad fatigue is not an issue on the needls platform. Since we're constantly testing out your ad variations, we can determine if its time to use one of your archived ads. That said, sometimes your campaign may need a little tweaking in order for it to perform to the best of its ability. If this is the case, one of our User Success team members can give you a hand and make recommendations for you. 

  • Needls makes it very easy for you to make changes to your campaign. All you need to do is log in to your needls account and click on the three menu dots on the right-hand corner beside your campaign name and select "Edit."

    Please keep in mind, edits take up to 24 hours to update. Once your campaign is in updating, you will no longer be able to make additional edits until they have been processed. 

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