Facebook Advertising and Instagram Advertising Made Simple

Our robust social media advertising platform is now available for digital agencies of all sizes.

The easiest and most effective way to advertise online is now an
AGENCY’s secret weapon!

Take credit for our technology, manage more clients with less time and make advertising fun again with needls.Agency

Easily Manage Your Clients
(and add new ones)
Instantly download client reports, complete with your agency’s branding
Multi-user support for agencies of all sizes
Track overall client performance across multiple campaigns
Quickly create ads across the most popular networks
Intent-based targeting
Customer service (powered by humans)
Agency dashboard
1-click client reports (with your logo)
Multi-user support
Direct customer billing
Multiple client conversion tracking
For the first 5 clients, and $35 per additional client

Get Started with needls.AGENCY
How It Works

Ads for your clients, across the most popular social media platforms, in just a few minutes.


Our automatic, intent-based targeting knows exactly who’s interested in your client’s product or service.


No need to micromanage, we’ll constantly optimize campaigns for existing clients while you focus on finding new ones.

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